9 Home Decor Trends: Interior Design Ideas To Try in 2023

9 Home Decor Trends: Interior Design Ideas To Try in 2023

Trends have the potential to delight and inspire us. Done well, embracing a trending style in your home decor has the ability to make your house feel fresh and new without the need to make huge changes. After scouring the internet, we've narrowed down 9 of our favorite home decor trends for 2023 that you can easily incorporate into your interior. 

Design is Personal

As much as trends come and go, it is most important to keep the context in mind and design your space to reflect your tastes rather than what is popular. Your home should be a reflection of you.

While we believe these trends will stand the test of time, lasting far longer than a few months, it can be overwhelming to feel the need to constantly update your home with each new trend. We invite you to focus on the home decor trends that resonate with you and leave those that don't. 

Classic Design Never Goes Out of Style

A classic is a timeless decor or design that goes beyond trendiness. Classics often float in and out of popularity. You might even see a few home decor trends on this list that are just comeback classics!

Balancing classic design is a great way to avoid being overly trendy and ending up with an entire room that no longer suits your style or what’s popular. We recommend sticking to classically designed pieces you love for larger, more expensive home decor items, like couches or beds, and decorating with trends using easy-to-update items, like shelf decor or vases. For example, our pillow covers can easily be swapped out for the season or to reflect current trends.


Home Decor Trends for 2023


1. The Rise of Earth Tones

Say goodbye to the all-white everything trend and welcome back color in 2023. Earthy-inspired interiors, including shades of pink such as mauve, peach, and coral for a more feminine touch, or browns, taupes, and creams for a warm, earthy look, will all dominate design this year.

In addition to earth-toned color palettes, expect to see many earthy elements. Warm woods, natural stone, metals, and even nature-inspired prints and design elements.






2. Colorful Spaces

bright and airy dining room with window seating area filled with neutral color throw pillows

Keeping with the departure from the all-white or gray interiors, bright, colorful spaces will be big in 2023. This trend focuses on incorporating bold colors, as well as mixing and matching patterns and textures that reflect the personality of the inhabitants.

You may see a focus on deep, richer tones layered into spaces, especially jewel tones like bold blues, magentas, reds, and greens making an appearance.

If this interior design style isn't for you, try a toned-down version by adding a few pops of colors instead. Colorful pillows or throws are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra color without fully renovating.


3. Dark, Bold, and Worldly

Dark living room with a leather couch filled with colorful throw pillows in front of a book shelf.

Dark academia is a term used to describe a style of interior design that incorporates elements of traditional academic style. This relatively new trend rose to popularity thanks to social media and is now influencing home decorating trends. It is characterized by a focus on classic, scholarly motifs such as antique bookcases, vintage globes, and library-like furnishings. The overall aesthetic is one of sophistication, elegance, and romance.

To achieve this interior design style, consider incorporating antique fabrics into your home decor to create a cozy area to read or write.


4. Functional Design

Blue entry way with boho home decor accents: leather benches and throw pillows

Functional design is an approach to home decor that seeks to combine style with practicality. By utilizing practical elements that offer both visual appeal and functionality, functional design allows for maximum efficiency in small spaces. In 2023, functional design can be especially useful in creating multipurpose spaces.

Functional design can be applied in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

  • Choosing furniture that serves multiple uses, such as ottomans that double as storage space.
  • Incorporating lighting that can serve double duty as a decorative feature.
  • Repurposing areas like an entryway with a seating area or transforming a guest room into an office.
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5. Everyday Luxury

what sofa in monochromatic living room with throw pillow accents

Perhaps stemming from the "romanticize your life" trend, people are leaning toward adding comfort, pleasure, or opulence in their day-to-day lives in 2023.

Everyday luxury is about so much more than spending big on luxe accents. It's also about making your home a sanctuary and creating spaces for self-care. If you're ready to turn your home into a space that feels like a vacation, this is the trend for you. For the perfect example, see how we turned a bedroom into an at-home retreat here.


6. Gathering

living room centered around fireplace with two sofas full of colorful accent pillows. Also featured are two window seating areas with throw pillows to brighten the space

We're coming back together in 2023 and focusing on design ready for hosting. The gathering trend for interior design in 2023 is about creating dedicated spaces for people to come together, socialize, and reconnect. Conversation pits, circular seating, and oversized sofas with cozy pillows are becoming increasingly popular as they create an intimate and convivial atmosphere.

To implement this trend, create more interactive spaces within your home. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that encourages meaningful and lasting connections between family and friends.


7. Natural Materials

Organic materials such as wool, cotton, silk, rattan, and clay in earth tones and warm neutrals will trend for home decor in 2023. Incorporate natural elements into your home by focusing on furniture crafted from light or mid-toned woods and accent your spaces with natural pillows crafted in wool, silk, or cotton.

Stone finishes such as travertine, marble, granite, soapstone, and limestone are also popular, as well as handcrafted ceramics and pottery, artisanal clay vases, stoneware, and dinnerware.






8. Past Meets Present

Design influences from the Roaring 20s all the way to the 90s are back in rotation, with a heavy focus on design styles from the 60s and 70s. Incorporating vintage furniture, heirloom accessories, and art from different decades can create a space that is both timeless and unique.

For a modern twist on a classic design, try mixing and matching modern pieces with handmade ones for a decidedly up-to-date interpretation of this trend.


9. Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable Fabric Pillow Covers

More than ever, people are focused on the sustainability of the products they purchase, and interior design is no different. Focus on choosing long-lasting materials that are environmentally friendly. By centering craftsmanship and ethically sourced materials, you can not only invest in beautifully made home decor, but you can also ensure that your purchase is one you'll feel good about for years to come.


Outlast the Trends

Though we believe most of these 2023 design trends are here to stay, something that never goes out of style is sustainability. Everand is committed to creating beautiful, socially responsible decor that lasts. 

Ready to update your home for 2023? Shop some of the trends here.



Create an elevated look in your home with these must-have home decor trends for 2023! From bold colors to subtle earth tones, discover our favorite home decor trends - and how you can easily implement them. Read the blog to learn more!
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