3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Fall

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Fall

When the weather is hot outside we are naturally less focused on what our homes feel like on the inside.  But, fall is here and we want to help you make that transition to cooler weather a little easier.  We've rounded up a few of our favorite ways to usher in the new season.

1. Layer up

We usually think of fashion when we say Fall layers but our homes also need layers - and the quickest way to do this is by updating your pillows!  We love to mix and match pillows in an earthy color palette to set the tone for the season ahead.

2. Bring the outside in

Dried blooms, like hydrangeas or branches, are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside.  You can spend 20 minutes in your backyard and you won’t believe the fall bounty you can forage and the impact it makes in setting the mood in your home. 

3. Stay warm

Fall nights can be crisp and there is nothing better when the weather is cool than staying cozy under a throw blanket.  Bonus: they also add instant texture to your decor!  You can layer one of our Indigo throw blankets on a couch or toss it over the side of a basket for the perfect cozy, yet stylish refresh.

These 3 simple refreshes can give your space a whole new look and change how you feel about any room in your home.  And, when you decorate with Everand® you are changing the life of a refugee women in Chicago.

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