Down to Earth - Fall Collection 2019

Down to Earth - Fall Collection 2019

With lifestyles getting faster, we are finding new pleasure in slowing down again.  Our Fall 2019 collection, Down to Earth, refocuses us on the art of living simply, making memories along the way.  A color palette grounded in nature -  fresh and tonal browns accented with a counterbalance of golden ochre and mustard yellow celebrate lived-in, worn textures and imperfect details.

We love scouting, collecting and creating new textiles and color palettes for your home.  Below are some of the influences behind our newest collections.  We hope you enjoy!


Sarah Sherman Samuel's renovation of Mandy Moore's mid-century home is an A++.  The family room's dreamy color palette is simple, with touches of natural elements.

Mandy Moore Residence Sarah Sherman Samuel Architectural Digest

Interior Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Photography by Trevor Tondro



Our IT color of the moment.  We can't get enough of this mustard colored linen featured in this 1750's farmhouse renovation by Hawkins New York founders.

Hawkins New York Farmhouse Renovation

Source: Sight Unseen
Photos by Pippa Drummond



We love, love, love the story behind this print by Tess Guinery, "created with thoughtfulness & love beneath the silhouette of a beautifully abundant apricot-coloured season. Her paint weaves stories of hope, bravery & sweet surrender. Her story sings abundance to the seekers heart—as she sits perched pretty on the walls of you home her sentiment reminding you to let it all go. Take that risk, swim in the sea, walk through new doors, dare to believe."

Tess Guinery The Apricot Moon

The Apricot Moon by Tess Guinery


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