Honoring International Women's Day with Humble Design

Honoring International Women's Day with Humble Design

As a woman-led company, we feel the power on a daily basis of women working together to create lasting change in communities and the lives of those who live there.  On this International Women’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to an organization that we feel fortunate to have learned about - Humble Design. Humble Design is a non-profit organization that works to change lives by custom designing and fully furnishing home interiors for those emerging from homelessness. With locations in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Seattle, and San Diego, Humble Design has designed over 2,697+ homes providing a makeover for a fresh start by designing a life changing space to call home.

When speaking with Liz, the COO at Humble Design Chicago, we were moved by her connection to their mission - the idea that people should feel safe in their home and how important it is for a home to feel like a sanctuary.  For Liz, the Humble Design community has made her feel more connected to the city of Chicago than she ever felt, even though she is a lifelong resident. Through her work, she has become more aware and understanding of the population they serve and more passionate about the communities they live in.

When Liz shared with us the story of Elvia and her son, we knew that Humble Design Chicago was the perfect partner for us to support this International Women's Day - truly giving meaning to our mission pillows with purpose.

Humble Design Chicago

Photos courtesy of Humble Design Chicago

Elvia started her journey in Venezuela, walking and bussing across 7 countries, leaving the abusive father of her child at 3 months pregnant. She arrived in the U.S. 6 months pregnant and with COVID. In January 2022, Humble Design created a place for her belongings and new beginnings that Elvia and her son can now call home.

With women’s empowerment at the heart of our purpose, we are teaming up with Humble Design Chicago this International Women’s Day to support women transitioning out of homelessness as they get a fresh start in their new home. From March 1st - 12th, 2023 Everand will donate 1 pillow for every pillow sold to help Humble Design Chicago create homes where families can find peace, strength, and hope.

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