Meet the Craft - The Story Behind Our Hmong Batik Textile

Meet the Craft - The Story Behind Our Hmong Batik Textile

We'll be totally honest with you. We didn’t know a lot about artisan made fabrics before starting Everand®. In our previous careers (more about that here), we worked in a business model that required us to source textiles that could be scaled easily for mass production. As we have grown personally and professionally, we believe more than ever in celebrating the preservation of handmade craft. While we hope you are drawn to Everand fabrics because they are lovely, so much of their beauty goes well beyond the surface to the process and makers behind the textiles. Today we want to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at the process for making the batik textile used in our newest Amber Striped Hemp pillow.


The Hmong people are known for their skill in batik, which is a wax resistant dye technique.  The gorgeous patterns are hand drawn onto hemp with melted wax and then dyed to create a pattern. The magic of the batik process is that the wax marks resist the color when they are dipped into the dye. The textiles become so gorgeous when they are drenched in natural color, leaving an imprint from the artisan who made it. The batik craft is wonderfully slow, and there is incredible beauty that goes beyond the finished product when you see the process used to make it.

Our Amber Striped Hemp pillow features a simple, yet classic stripe painted directly onto the hemp, however if you take a look at our Vintage Grey Batik pillow you can see that patterns can also be incredibly intricate.

Perfectly imperfect.  This sums up why we are SO in love with textiles that are made entirely by hand.  Less machines and more investment in people with a true focus on preserving artisan craft. When you purchase our products that are handmade by artisans, you not only invest in your home but also in supporting the lives of others.

Thank you for continuing to use your purchasing power for good!

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