Mix + Match Throw Pillows Like a Pro - And Feel Good While Doing It

Mix + Match Throw Pillows Like a Pro - And Feel Good While Doing It

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to inject some style into your space--but we totally get that you might feel a little intimidated about where to start when it comes to outfitting your sofa. The good news is that the most important element is to make it feel like you, so you really can’t go wrong. The other slice of good news is that you’re actually doing good when you mix and match Everand® pillows: everything you purchase is sewn by a refugee woman who is working to rebuild her life in Chicago and inspires us every day.

As for your inspiration, in general you want to think coordinated but not matchy matchy. And while there are no strict rules (so choose what you love!), there are some rules of thumb regarding things like palette, pillow count, and layering that we can help with. 

Here’s our guide to creating a beautiful sofa that’s true to your style.

Everand unique beautiful pillows refugee made

📷 and Design: Everand

Pick Your Palette

Your sofa size and color provides the basis for your pillow styling. For standard sofas, we recommend 3-5 pillows; for sectionals, 5-7. As a general rule, an odd number of pillows tend to be more pleasing to the eye. Pillows should play off the color palette in your home. We created collections within our site that join together colors that fall within the same palette and pair beautifully together. The best way to start searching on our site is to browse the collections and see what resonates with your style.

The Leo Cottage Kate Marker Interiors Margaret Rajic Photography

📷: Margaret Rajic Photography // Design: Kate Marker Interiors - The Leo Cottage

Create the Base, then Layer

Different size and shape pillows will help add dimension and interest to your sofa. Always layer the largest pillows in the back and work your way to the smallest pillows in the front. 

For a standard sofa, we tend to create the base with a pair of square pillows on the ends. We recommend either 22” or 20” for a plush look. Choose something that plays off the color of your sofa in an interesting way. Now add a secondary set of square pillows on each side, either the same size or slightly smaller. Sticking within one collection will give a more traditional look, but feel free to mix it up with what you love…the pillow police will not come for you!  To complete the look, add 1 smaller pillow for the finishing touch. Our medium lumbar pillows work perfectly for this.

*Sectional sofas pretty much follow the same logic as above. Think 1-2 pillows on each end and 3 pillows for the middle. 

Hogan Kelly Design Stoffer Photography Interiors Everand

📷: Stoffer Photography Interiors // Design: Hogan Kelly Design

Play with Texture & Pattern

Textures add warmth to any pillow combination and can turn what might be a boring assortment into something special. We love adding texture to our assortment using any of our textured throw pillows or some of the thicker Mudcloth prints. 

Vary the type and scale of patterns - mix and match different prints across combinations, this is where your pillow personality can really shine!  Make sure that you are thinking about the scale and type of the patterns and try to bring in contrast. Company + Cottage mixes the large scale triangle pattern of our 20x20 Black & White Triangle Mudcloth No.1 pillow cover with our subtle stripe 18x18 Natural Hemp No.1 pillow cover, then added a thick striped lumbar pillow to help contrast…mix and match perfection!

Company and Cottage Everand pillows

📷 and Design: Company + Cottage

Keep it Fresh

Pillows don’t have to be forever, nor do you have to replace them all whenever you want a refresh. Changing just 1 or 2 of them can give your space a whole new look without breaking the bank.

If this still has you spinning, we’re alway here to help. Contact us and we’ll work with you to help pinpoint your unique pillow style.

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