Our Fabrics Tell a Story: Here is Bhujodi Weaving

Our Fabrics Tell a Story: Here is Bhujodi Weaving

Our Indian (Bhujodi) blanket pillows are a standout by any standard and quickly became a bestseller when we added them to the shop. We love the beauty found both in the intricate details of the fabric as much as from the rich artisan craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Here, we’re going to give you a little background into what makes Bhujodi wool’s story so special to us.

The technique for each of these pillows is a generations-old one, passed down from artisans in the Bhujodi village in India. The weavers, called Vankars, use a method dating back nearly 500 years. The skill and patience needed to weave these throws leaves us in awe.

Equally significant as the technique itself is the vibrant colored threads these textiles are known for. They are individually dyed using all natural materials and then hand-spun. Color variation is not only to be expected but something we have grown to love.  The intensity of the natural dyes and even the season in which they are created can change vibrancy between orders.  It serves as a reminder that every piece is a unique, with no two exactly alike.

We are lucky enough to showcase such beautiful craftsmanship in Everand’s own Indian blanket pillows. The intricacy of each textile makes every pillow a work of art, no matter how you choose to style it. Whether it be as a decorative pillow on your bed, or the perfect accent for your living room, these artisan pieces will add depth and beauty to any space.


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