The Spring Pillow Refresh by Color

The Spring Pillow Refresh by Color

We’re weeks into spring and have seen a few glimpses of warmth and sunshine here in Chicago that have us ready for change! One thing we love to do is refresh some of our pillows as a way to keep our space looking fresh and new.  It’s such an easy change to make and not a huge investment.

Here's a roundup of our favorite spring pillows, organized by color so you can easily mix and match into your existing home decor.

Terracotta Tones

Sun soaked hues to add warmth to your space.

Neutral Tones

Play with texture and pattern in soft sand and creams.

Everand neutral throw pillows for spring

Grey Tones

Cool greys bring a calm, soothing vibe.

Everand grey tone throw pillows for spring

Green Tones

Mix earthy shades with influences from nature.

Everand green tone throw pillows for spring

Blue Tones

Rich indigos and dusty blues add a pop of color and dimension.

Everand blue tone throw pillows for spring

Spending time on our homes reminds us how it is essential to surround ourselves with products that make us feel good. Color is key here, with pillow covers that enhance our wellbeing via calming palettes and patterns. As always, your Everand® purchase will directly have a positive impact on the life of the refugee woman seamstress who sewed your pillow - and that's something we always feel good about.

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