The Power of Pillows - Decorate with Everand and Change the Life of a Refugee Woman

The Power of Pillows - Decorate with Everand and Change the Life of a Refugee Woman

At Everand®, we believe that design has the power to change lives.  A simple pillow refresh can give your space a whole new look and change how you feel about any room in your home.  And, when you decorate with Everand pillows you are changing the life of a refugee women in Chicago.  That’s a lot of pillow power.

Wondering where to start?  Our no fail pillow pairings styled below on the internet's favorite sofas are the perfect starting point.  We've shared some ideas of these tried and true combinations for our newest throw pillows, guaranteed to look beautiful in your own home.

>>SHOP Classically Boho Pillow Pairings

Everand Classically Boho Pillow Styling on West Elm Hamilton Sofa
Featured on West Elm Hamilton Leather Sofa (Best Leather Sofa on The Spruce)

>>SHOP Coastal Terrain Pillow Pairings

Everand throw pillow styling on Arhaus Kipton sofa

Featured on Arhaus Kipton Sofa (My Domain favorite couches)

>>SHOP Timeless Neutrals Pillow Pairings

Everand throw timeless neutrals pillow styling on Article Sven sofa
Featured on Article Sven sofa (Best modern Sofa on The Spruce)

>>SHOP Down to Earth Pillow Pairings

Everand Down to Earth throw pillow styling on West Elm Andes sofa

Featured on West Elm Andes sofa (Most comfortable West Elm sofas on Apartment Therapy)


Can't decide or don't see something that feels right to you?  Contact us and we'll give you a FREE virtual consultation including a customized assortment of our unique and beautiful pillow covers to match your personal style.

Everand free throw pillow styling service

Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite pillow combination - or share one of your own!


Jenny + Stacey

co-founders  |  Everand®

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