Throw Pillow Combinations for Sectional Sofas

Throw Pillow Combinations for Sectional Sofas

One question we get asked A LOT is how many pillows do I need for my sectional sofa? While we love to approach each space uniquely and based on personal preference, there are some guidelines we follow to achieve the look of a perfectly styled sectional. And, we love using all of Everand’s beautiful textiles for the refugee women they support. Their work allows them to generate a sustainable income and thrive as individuals as they rebuild their lives in Chicago.

Here we’re going to share some pillow formulas to help you get the look of a pro yourself.

Start in the corners

Begin with your biggest pillows first.  We use 22"x22" pillows for the 3 corners.  They do not need to match, but this is a great place to establish your color palette.

shop 22x22" Everand square throw pillows

Layer up

Create layers by adding square 20"x20" pillows to each corner. Have fun mixing patterns and textures, as well as playing with the scale of each print.

shop 20x20 Everand square throw pillows

Add an accent

A lumbar is the perfect pillow to complete your look and add dimension using a different shape. We often use 1 in the center corner, but feel free to add more to the ends if you have a longer sectional.

shop 14x20 lumbar accent pillows

If you’re still confused, we have here the answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions when it comes to styling pillows on a sectional couch.

  1. How many pillows do I need?
  2. What sizes should my pillows be?
  3. How should I arrange my pillows?

Hopefully, the diagrams below will help you answer all three and send you on your way to pillow nirvana!

8 Pillows

Everand sectional throw pillow formula for 8 pillows

Everand sectional throw pillow formula for 8 pillows

 7 Pillows

Everand sectional throw pillow formula for 7 pillows

Everand sectional throw pillow formula for 7 pillows

Now it's time to start shopping from our unique and beautiful assortment of artisan made pillows for your sectional sofa.  You can browse all pillows here or shop by collection where we offer curated assortments based on style. 



Still feeling a little confused and overwhelmed by all of this?  We get it!  That's why we offer free pillow e-styling to help you get exactly what you're looking for.

Everand free pillow styling service

As always, with every dollar you spend at Everand, you’re supporting meaningful income opportunities for refugee women in Chicago. Learn more about our mission and our impact.

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