Women Who Inspire - Design That Brings Family Together

Women Who Inspire - Design That Brings Family Together

When we were kids, we loved going to work at our family business.  We would sort through the endless samples of beauty products and be put to work doing age appropriate odd jobs around the office.  As we got older, our family business became a place where we were given incredible opportunities to grow and develop our careers, and to travel the world learning about different cultures.  While working with your family isn’t always easy, it has brought us so much joy and we have gotten so used to an almost shared “sister brain” collaborative work style -  it's hard to imagine what work would look like without the other being a part of it.

So, when we discovered our newest artisan group, Ginger Sparrow, we were immediately drawn to them for so many reasons going beyond the gorgeous textiles they design and the talented artisans they work with.  At the top of the list was that their story was rooted in the desire to stay meaningfully connected to family and the founder’s love of Indian craft culture.  We were so inspired that we wanted to share more of that story with you.

Everand Indian Block Print Story

📷: Ginger Sparrow

Sukrit and her mom were both born in India and create beautiful designs inspired by their travels around the country.  We share the same belief, that your home can be a collection of precious things inspired by our global community with meaningful stories behind each object.  The block print patterns and woven textiles they design bring their journey around India into your home and are inspired by the distinct culture, style and symbolism that is passed down from generations through Indian artisan craftsmanship.  Each collection is hand-crafted in small batches in a fair trade environment and Ginger Sparrow invests 10% of the proceeds back into the artisan communities to help preserve their craft.

Everand Indian throw pillows📷: Ginger Sparrow

We love to honor the traditions and craftsmanship that goes into making many of our beautiful block prints and cotton weaves. A pillow can be so much more than just an accent piece when they come with powerful stories like this that support our global community.

P.S. See all of our Indian block prints here!

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