A Guide to Accent Pillows for Chairs

A Guide to Accent Pillows for Chairs

There are so many different reasons to add accent pillows to any chair.  Some chairs need a little bit of help to make them a comfortable place to sit.  Most of the time we love adding pillows as a quick and easy way to infuse personality and design style into your space.  The right throw pillows can help tie together the style of a room and bring a touch of pattern to your space without a long term commitment.  Since all of our pillow covers are sold separately from the insert, it’s easy to buy a new set of covers anytime you want to update your style. 

How many pillows should be on a chair?

This really depends on the size of the chair, specifically the depth. A big oversized armchair can usually handle 2 pillows, a larger square one in back with a smaller one in front.  A single pillow is also a great choice, most of our square and medium lumbars will do the trick!

To match or not?

We strongly believe there are no set rules to pillow styling and what you choose to do should be based on your personal preference. Here the designer chose to mix and match our Shibori pillow with a neutral square, while Hogan Kelly Design used a matching set of Sage Grey Floral Bloom Medium Lumbars to tie the room together.


Keep it cozy.

Pairing your pillow with a cozy throw can make your chair even more comfortable and inviting. It can also add dimension to a matching set of pillows and chairs.

Add softness to your dining room.

Dining room chairs are a great place to add an unexpected pop of pattern and color using throw pillows.  A soft pillow can also make your dining chair a more comfortable place to relax and chat after your meal is done.

Create a welcoming corner.

A chair with throw pillows can create an inviting corner or seat by the fire.  You can even try putting a couple of pillows in a basket to add to your decor - then use them to switch the look on the chair when you're ready for a change!

Adding an Everand® pillow to your home means that your purchase was sourced sustainably and authentically and then sewn by refugee women in Chicago. We strive to bring you unique and beautiful accents while supporting a bigger dream for those women who are rebuilding their lives in the United States.


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